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Browser, device, and screen compatibility (Builder mode 3.2.4)

URL of experiment: No URL (currently piloting) at the moment, but it would look something like this (below) when I start running it.

Description of the problem: I have put together an online experiment that works on Google Chrome for Mac & Windows. I was also able to run it on Google Chrome with Android phones. However, I could not run it on Safari with Mac and iPhones (and the same issue applies to Google Chrome on iPhones). It appears there is a compatibility support issue with the iOS for my experiment, because the experiment info widget/box appears for a split second and then disappears. How can I solve this issue?

It might be that this is already fixed in 2020.1 version as @apitiot has worked a lot on cross-browser compatibility issues lately but if not already fixed he’ll be best placed to work out why it fails.

Thanks for your reply @jon. I would be happy to provide more information you or @apitiot would need.

Hi @jon, I have uninstalled the previous version that I was using and installed the 2020.1 version. Should I simply sync the experiment I created with the previous version using the 2020.1 version and will that fix it?