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Browser, device, and screen compatibility (Builder mode 3.2.4)

FYI: I managed to reproduce the error, found the cause, and have sorted it out.



Thanks a million @apitiot for the swift response!

Hi @apitiot @jon,

My data collection has been running perfectly and I am now 1 participant left until completion. I was wondering how you would recommend me to refer to my use of PsychoPy/Pavlovia’s service in my report? Particularly, I first created my experiment with PsychoPy and ended up using Pavlovia for online data collection because of COVID-19.

Should it be: “We developed the memory assessment to be accessible online using PsychoPy/Pavlovia (citation)”, where the citation is this article Or should I use a different reference?


For studies that were created using Builder I think Peirce et al 2019 is the most appropriate citation. But, yes, for the fact that you ran the study online using PsychoJS/Pavlovia the best/only option to cite right now is the psyarxiv preprint.

Thanks for your reply @jon!