Psychopy for ipad mini 2.0?

I am trying to set up a experiment that can be executed outside of our lab (i.e. is portable, and not run on a computer). We have two ipad mini 2.0 devices that we are trying to run the experiment on because of their portability but I am having difficulty downloading psychopy on the IOS 9.3.5 Any insight into if (and hopefully how) psychopy may be run on an IOS 9.3.5 on a ipad mini? Thank you!

If you google for this I think you’ll find several previous discussions. No, PsychoPy does not have an IOS version, but the option to run experiments in a browser is on its way

Hey … I know this entry is a little older but I also have a question about the problem. I set up an experiment and tested it in “piloting” on pavlovia. It works fine. However, when I open the experiment with the Ipad or the iPhone, it also works, but there is an error message when I close the session. I created a very simple experiment for the test: a text that appears for 1 second. Here it comes to the same error message. Do I have to consider anything so that I can carry out the experiments with the Ipad or the Iphone?

You said that the error starts “Unfortunately we encountered the following error: when closing the session for experiment”. What came after that?

then I can only confirm with “ok”. After that there comes “initializing the experiment” …

no ideas? i am still havingthe same problems :frowning: