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Experiment on mobile device

Hi everyone,

I would like to conduct experiment (very simple), like asking patients to select a response on a touch screen from a mobile device but I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible with Psychopy

  2. Are there some operating system that allow this kind of coding (Windows, OSX, etc.)

Thanks for yours answers!



At the moment you can run PsychoPy on mobile devices BUT this needs to be done in the browser (i.e. Pavlovia) since PsychoPy does not yet have a native app for mobile use.

But you can create experiments in the PsychoPy builder and rub on mobile devices very easily (mouse responses translate to touch screen responses for tablet and mobile devices).


Thank you fore your response!

I do not use the builder but the scripts, I guess this is not very different to put it on a tablet?

and this can be done with Ipad for instance (OSX) ?


Are you coding in python or psychoJS?

If you are coding in python, the builder way is the easiest way to translate your experiment online because there is a tool to auto-translate your script to PsychoJS (to support running in the browser), you can use code components in builder though if you are more familiar with coding (but see the JS crib sheet for possible issues in translation).

Yes, experiments running in pavlovia can be run on ipads too - although I would recommend piloting your experiment on several devices first as sometimes bugs may appear with different browser (e.g. safari)

Thanks, :slight_smile: