Experiment not runnin on Safari

URL of experiment: https://pavlovia.org/amill99/dare

Description of the problem: Hi! My experiment does not run on Safari, it downloads everything but will not let me click past the first screen. It also does not run on mobile, any tips?

Hey @amill66, sorry to hear PsychoJS is giving you problems on Safari. It looks like the experiment you link to is set to private. Would it be possible to give me or our support team developer access so that I can investigate a bit more? Here to help, s.

Hi! How do I give you access to the experiment?

This link should give you the details https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/members/index.html

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Just gave you access, thanks!

OK great, let me take a closer look, thanks, s.

Hey @amill66, apologies for the late reply, could you make it developer access? As guest I have no ability to look at the actual code for the project, thanks, s.