Participant Data downloading BLANK / EMPTY CSVs

URL of experiment: Serial_Recall_and_questionnaire [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
I’ve been Running this experiment for a few weeks now and was happy with the number of sessions pavlovia was recording but I’ve found 56 CSVs are completely empty (file size 1KB).

Some participants have reported an ‘Unspecified JavaScript error’ and one person told me they couldn’t download the sound files. I have no idea if people are completing the study and the data isn’t saving or if people are just clicking the link and then aborting the experiment immediately. I’ve tried leaving the experiment halfway through to test this but the results are always kept.

I’ll include one error message I was sent but I don’t know if these contribute to the CSVs that are blank or whether they don’t count as a session being run as the experiment will not start.

Did you solve your issue with this?