Black screen in fullscreen mode on macos

Hi, I stumbled upon this problem in a mac os device. the same code runs perfectly on my windows laptop. the problem is that when opening an experiment in fullscreen mode, the screen would go completely black but the mouse is visible, no error no nothing. the experiment runs smoothly in windows mode (fullscr = False). and I am almost sure that this problem has nothing to do with the code or anything. to prove my point I used the demo codes available in the psychopy itself. hello world code. just a simple grey screen which says hello world. that’s it. runs perfectly in windows mode and goes completely black in fullscreen mode. mac os Big Sur
any ideas?

here’s the code for those who want it.

# Import key parts of the PsychoPy library:
from psychopy import visual, core

# Create a visual window:
win = visual.Window(units="height",fullscr=True)

# Create (but not yet display) some text:
msg1 = visual.TextBox2(win, 
    text=u"Hello world!", 
    font="Open Sans", letterHeight=0.1,
    pos=(0, 0.2)) 
msg2 = visual.TextBox2(win, 
    text=u"\u00A1Hola mundo!", 
    font="Open Sans", letterHeight=0.1, 
    pos=(0, -0.2))

# Draw the text to the hidden visual buffer:

# Show the hidden buffer--everything that has been drawn since the last win.flip():

# Wait 3 seconds so people can see the message, then exit gracefully:


The contents of this file are in the public domain.


I have same problem,have you fix it?

Do you have black text?

I found that on some Mac devices the background defaulted to black so it worked if I changed the font colour to white.

My text color is white. but it didn’t work.

I can’t see nothing expect black screen. But I still tried to press some key even. Then I found it ran (because It really save some data according to code).The only problem is that nothing can be draw to the screen.

The other issue that can cause this is text size being set too small (e.g. .1 pixels). Is is definitely working on other computers?

The text size is 25 is working on other computers.And when I set Fullscreen=False,and the screen size is same as Fullscreen,it also works.

Hi I’m having the same issue. Was anyone able to solve this?

I also encountered this problem.
On my two macOs devices, the full screen appears black for the window alone.

from psychopy import event,visual
win = visual.Window(
#should be a white background

Please could you tell us more about your MacOS devices and which version of PsychoPy you are using?

Same error over here.

When I run the experiment in fullscreen there is only a black screen, meanwhile, if I change fullscreen to false it works smoothly.

I am running it in MacOs Monterrey on Macbook pro.
Psychopy version: ‘2022.2.3’

Were any of you able to solve this issue?

Same thing here:

MacOS Monterey (Intel based Mac)
Psychopy 2022.1.4

window = visual.Window([2560, 1440],

without fullscreen runs perfectly, with it goes black. Hope somebody can help.

@jon Do you know how to solve this? (Sorry for tagging you)

The first thing to check is whether your experiment has stalled altogether or it’s just running and not displaying - try running an experiment that’s just a :keyboard: Keyboard component with duration 10 seconds and a :code: Code component with this in the Each Frame tab:

if "space" in myKeyboard.getKeys():

then press the space bar a few times before the experiment finishes. Do you see SPACE in the output in Runner? And did the experiment run through to completion?

No @Nicobruno92 I have no idea. When I test using 2022.2.4 on my MacBook Pro (intel, running MacOS 12.6 Monterey) the code above works fine.

Is there anything at all unusual about your setup that would explain why this is happening for some, but not most, users? Are you using Standalone? What version?

Got the same problem here on my MacOS BigSur MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020), it just shows black screen and not executing the "win= " sentence when fullscr=True. But everything works perfectly when i change fullscr = False

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