TextStim doesn't work

I am trying to draw text using psychopy.
It used to be fine when I am using macpro 2015, but now I am switching to MacAir with MacOS Big Sur.
Eveytime I try to draw text, it will always appear as blank screen if I set the window into fullscreen. So it works fine if I write the scale such as [600,400].

So with this code, the text won’t appear :

from psychopy import visual, event
import time
window = visual.Window(fullscr = True, units = “norm”)

Stroop_stim= visual.TextStim(window, text = “red”, color = “yellow”,pos=[0.0, 0.0])

This also happened when I try to use the psychopy builder and store the text stimulus via excel. Maybe because it is also by default set to a full screen.

Could anyone help with this matter? Thank you