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Multiple fullscreen display problem on osx fixed? workaround?


I’m trying to display fullscreen images on a second monitor (projector) using the attached code (modified from the coder tutorial). Works fine when fullscr=‘False’ but only shows gray when fullscr=‘True’. Last posting I saw on this said it was a known problem Multiple Displays on OS X. Is there a fix? Is there a workaround?

Thanks for any info and sorry in advance for any noob transgressions.

-Jim Ferwerda

Python 3.8.2
PsychoPy3, version 2020.1.2
macbook pro 15" 2018
Radeon Pro 560X 4 GB
Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB
osx catalina 10.15.3

from psychopy import visual, core # import some libraries from PsychoPy

#create a window
mywin = visual.Window([1024,768], screen=1, fullscr=‘True’, monitor=“testMonitor”, units=“deg”)

#create some stimuli
grating = visual.GratingStim(win=mywin, mask=“circle”, size=3, pos=[0,0], sf=3)
fixation = visual.GratingStim(win=mywin, size=0.5, pos=[0,0], sf=0, rgb=-1)

#draw the stimuli and update the window

#pause, so you get a chance to see it!

If you specify it as a GLFW window it might work:

mywin = visual.Window([1024,768], screen=1, fullscr=‘True’, monitor=“testMonitor”, units=“deg”, winType="glfw")

However, in my experience, this breaks in different ways. There’s an underlying Pyglet issue which has not, to my knowledge, been fixed.

Thanks! This fixed my problem though I understand other’s mileage may vary.