Where to start for an online experiment?

Hi there,

I am looking for a way to conduct an experiment online (affected by COVID-19 consequences of course).
The experiment will contain a simple stimulus-reaction task, where participants will have to push Button A for a Category of Images A, and another Button B for category B. Reactions times should be measured as well.

Question 1: Where do I start with this? I just downloaded the standalone PsychoPy, is that where I design online experiments too?
Question 2: Is it possible to have a whole end-to-end experiment in PsychoPy? Lets say, I start with an intro, show two questionnaires and have subjects perform 2 experimental paradigms. Will Py allow me to run all these within a single browser tab? Or will I have to redirect to other sources at that point?

Hope I could make it clear, feel free to assign me to suitable other entries here.


  1. Yes. The builder will allow you to design an experiment which can then either be run on your local computer as Python, or on Pavlovia as JavaScript. You connect PsychoPy to your Pavlovia account (look for the little globe-with-a-person icon in PsychoPy), and then sync your experiment to the server.

  2. Yes in principle, though designing surveys is a little harder in PsychoPy than something purpose-built for just doing surveys like Qualtrics. But, yes, you can create an experiment where each of these are separate trials or blocks of trials in the same experiment.

I would start here (https://www.psychopy.org/gettingStarted.html) and familiarize yourself with some of the demos, which should let you put together what you need.