Questions about online study (no logfile, study running too fast)

Hello, I hosted a study online recently with psychopy & pavlovia. Everything seems fine but I have noticed a couple of things that I could use some feedback on. URL of experiment:

  1. For some reason, onset/offset times of some components weren’t logged - they appear when I run the study locally with psychopy but not online. Not sure if this is a known bug but it can be useful to have this data so thought I would mention it.

  2. I have a couple of participants who completed my task and I have all of their output data. However there is no logfile. Could this have been something the participant did at the end of the study, e.g. close the tab too soon or something?

  3. It’s impossible for me to know the reason for this one, but my study has fixed trial durations and can last no less than ~30 minutes, no matter how quickly my subjects respond. However I had some participants who finished in ~18 minutes, according to the logfiles. Even more strange, the data looked fine with responses for all trials. It is impossible to skip through my task, so I was wondering what might be the cause of this? It only looks like I have two cases of this but it is definitely strange.

Qs #2 and #3 are not occurring very frequently to be a major concern.

Apologies for the multiple questions, if it helps I could split this into multiple posts.