2AFC Audio online experiment - PsychoPy learning curve

I’m new and see a tons of problems on forums here - that makes me think that PsychoPy is complex and difficult to use - please advice me honestly:
I just want to put online simple 2AFC experiment - making choices between randomized audio.wav files with some sort of sending / storing results - simple and basic stuff, two buttons, basic feedback

  • how long it will take me to learn PsychoPy (basic c++ skills) to do it?
  • maybe i shuld try other, easier software (if it exists)?
  • is it possible to upload and run finished application to my univeristy server?

thanks for advice!

It’s definitely worth spending an hour or so learning the basics and seeing if it suits you. I have some slides here and there are also plenty of tutorials on YouTube.


However, to run the experiment online you will need to host it on Pavlovia, not your university server. Exceptions to this are complex

Hello Robert,


Peirce, J. W., Hirst, R. J. & MacAskill, M. R. (2022). Building Experiments in PsychoPy. 2nd Edn London: Sage.

Your library might have it.

I think many problems arise because people take some time to understand the difference of running the experiment locally and online. See here for some advice when planning to run experiments online


Another problem people run into is the sync-process. But as wakecarter wrote, you need a Pavlovia-account to run the experiment online and you have to buy credits to test participants.

Best wishes Jens

Thanks a lot - very helpful presentation and great demos. I didn’t know that I’ll have to pay for using Pavlovia - now I know, price per each participant seems to be reasonable - I asked about using other servers because didn’t know about fees, which are fine - supporting such a great tool is perfectly ok.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hello Jens,
thanks for advice and references.
“Building Experiments in PsychoPy” looks great!
take care!