404 Not Found (failed to load resource)

Description of the problem: Made a couple of edits to a program (removed a loop) and added a few lines/images to another loop. I ran task w/o error in builder and re-synced it from builder. It said the sync was successful. I changed the program from running to inactive and back and then tried to run the program. It came up with an initial unspecified javascript error, but since then it only presents as 404 Not Found ngingx and when I inspect page it just says failed to load resource. The task and all elements seem to present in the git page (everything along w/ task under html folder). Any suggestions? My unfortunate go to when something like this happens is to build up program in builder from scratch (to make sure it won’t reference previous version of the task) when such an error happens, but hoping there is a better way / something I can do to debug. Thanks for the ideas! And I’ve tried running in a couple of different browsers w/ incognitio (or similar), etc to try to deal w/ caches, etc. I’m currently running an unversioned form of PsychoPy.

And happy to share link, but if there is a way I can do that individually it would appreciated (some resources are protected). I’m new to the forum, so I’m not sure what my options for communication are.

Only other thing I’ll mention that I noticed changed, was that the lines around my loops disappeared in the builder (the names still appeared & it still ran fine locally). I hit re-sync without changing anything (wishful thinking) and it’s been trying to synchronize for past 4+ hours whereas all previous syncs usually finished after an hour or so. Not sure why there is an increase in timing (my local internet speed looks to be decent comparative to previous syncs).

Are you saying that the sync process usually takes Builder an hour for you or that it takes an hour for the changes to be seen online? If the latter then you need to learn how to refresh the cache.

It usually takes the Builder an hour or so to sync. The experiment w/ resources is about 2 GB with quite a few video and image clips in the experiment, so I expect it to take a while to perform the sync (but I wasn’t sure why it was taking 4x longer to sync from Builder in the last attempt). I was kicked off my network after some time (and it didn’t finish). I’m making a couple of changes now and will be reattempting a sync in a few.

Hello troychris123

git is smart enough not to upload files that have not changed. So, your videos and image clips will be uploaded once unless to change them. If you just edit your experiment file, it should take much less time than an hour to sync, more to some minutes (even with a slow internet connection).

Best wishes Jens