Files not found when online

URL of experiment: Fithub [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: this is a simple experiment in which a series of images are presented and button press needed to move to next image. I’ve recently added a level which requires the level field from the expInfo ($‘condFiles/’+expInfo[‘level’]+’.xlsx’).

It runs fine locally but not online as error message:
when importing condition condFiles/level1.xlsx
when getting the value of resource: condFiles/level1.xlsx
unknown resource

Using this to guide patients physiotherapy and they’ve all had to pause currently so any tips gratefully received …

Have you attached the resources in Builder via Experiment Settings / Online / Additional Resources ?


Thank you for replying.

Have just done this - and it did not correct.

I didn’t need to add these files previously when there was only level 1. Error occurring since adding in an extra level with a loop with variable level xlsx files…

Did you check you are running the latest version using Ctrl-Shift-R to refresh the browser or an incognito tab?

Yep am running latest version.

I don’t get an error when I try to run it (I haven’t tired all the way through – when does it give the error for you?).

Perhaps I should have clarified that I meant latest version of your code, not latest version of PsychoPy.

Its after the motivation rating … loading the exercises i.e. visualising the first set of exercises/photographs