403 forbidden nginx error when piloting

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
Hello guys! I’ve successfully built the program in local psychopy builder. However, every time when I try to pilot it in pavlovia online. It shows the error 403 with ‘nginx’ below.
I’ve searched for other solutions such as deleting the ‘gitgnore’ in github, and moving the files out of the sub-folder. But I am really running out of all solutions and the problem hasn’t been fixed yet.
Hoping someone could help me out and thank you for a million times!

Manually editing the files created by PsychoPy is likely to break more things than it fixes.

I notice that your experiment name is composed of digits, which might be an issue.

Your forbidden error is because you don’t have an index.html file which might be because you have errors in your code stopping the JS version being created.

Thank you for your prompt reply!
I’ve followed your instructions and changed the filename into all texts, also corrected some error in the builder. This is the one that I’ve adjusted.

But I still got 403 error when piloting and there is no automatically created index.html file.
Would you please check it again for me?
Thanks a lot!

oh I see index.html in the folder. But it still shows error.

You appear to have a folder called index.html

Please delete it, check that your Experiment Settings/Online/Output path folder is blank and then try again.

Hi wakecarter!
Thanks a lot! I would have a try.

Hi! I just want to tell you that I’ve solved the problems with your advice.
I suppose deleting the html file is part of the solutions, and the most important thing is that the runner may mistakens js of one program for another. I have multiple psyexp. in one folder. Thus, I just break my 4 programs into 4 folder, instead of putting them into one folder altogether. And by creating a new project respectively, all now pilot perfectly online.
Maybe others who encoutered the same issue did the same thing with me, that is putting multiple programs in one file. That’s just my guess and after all, thank you for a thousand times!

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