Online: keep getting "403 Forbidden - nginx" errors when trying the "run the study online" option

URL of experiment: Experiment | Luxin_Yu/experiment1 (

Description of the problem: cannot access online experiment when using the “run the study online” option in Builder

Is this when you try to run the study from psychopy :pavlovia_run: or it is when you press “run” on your experiment project page?

Hi Becca,

Thanks a lot for the message!

This happened when I tried to run the study from PsychoPy Builder directly. On the project page, however, because the experiment is currently “piloting”, when I click on the “pilot experiment” button, also nothing shows up but a blank page… Do you know why this is happening?

does that blank page have any text in it? like a 404 error or “initializing experiment”


Oh wait! I see you said 403 - ok that means the js didn’t compile for your experiment for some reason. In your experiment please can you try to click the :compile_js: button and resync to pavlovia? then try and run again

Actually, no… the “403 Forbidden - nginx” was the only message available on the screen… ;-(