403 error: html folder or not?

For a newly-created experiment, I am encountering a 403 error if I put the javascript and index.html in a folder called “html”, but not if I put them at the root directory. It did not happen before. I noticed that the generated experiment URL is “https://run.pavlovia.org/username/experimentname” - instead of “https://run.pavlovia.org/username/experimentname/html” as they were before

I know I can just move the files to the root directory. I just want to make sure whether this is to be expected - should I always put them in the root directory in the future? Would hate it if something change in the middle of an experiment running and participants end up getting 403.

Thanks very much.

Hi there,

In your local version of the experiment, if you open experiment settings and under the ‘online’ tab it is likely that the field ‘output’ path is empty (which is now the case by default).

It is correct that in newer releases we encourage PsychoJS to search the root directory rather than the html (i.e. the default has changed).

You can see more on that in this post PsychoPy Builder not creating HTML folder :slight_smile:
Hope this helps,