Html folder not created

Hi, I’m a new user of PsychoPy, I had a problem where my PsychoPy experiment’s html folder did not update and therefore my changes weren’t working when running the experiment on Pavlovia.

I tried to fix this problem by uninstalling and deleting PsychoPy from my computer and installing the newest version. Right now it doesn’t create html folder when I’m creating a new Pavlovia experiment and so it can’t even run on Pavlovia at all.

If it matters, my PsychoPy experiment file is in the downloads folder, because this is the only place PsychoPy lets me install itself.

I also get the following message when creating or syncing the experiment to Pavlovia:

I will also mention that I used to get messages similar to this one back when the experiment was syncing fine to Pavlovia, so I’m not sure if this is related.

Any help would be great!

You don’t need an html folder.

You do need your experiment to be in an empty local directory (a sub folder of downloads should be okay).

Well in any case I get the 403 Forbidden error when trying to run it on pavlovia without the html folder

Did you switch it to piloting and press the pilot button?


Hi There,

Please could you share the URL to the pavlovia project? what version of PsychoPy did you create the experiment in?


Certainly, is one of those the link you meant? Sorry for my lack of knowledge :sweat_smile: