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403 Error after clicking Pilot or Run

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
I can run the task on my computer with the latest version of PsychoPy. However, it shows a 403 error after I click Pilot or Run. Do you have any ideas about what happened?

I’ve got the same issue. For me it looks as though the problem is that when I sync a fresh project to Pavlovia, it doesn’t create the necessary html folder with the js files and html file. I’m using the most recent PsychoPy version for Windows. I seem to remember a similar issue about 6mts ago. I wonder if @dvbridges can possibly shed some light on it, and whether we need to do a manual fix (i.e. compile the necessary js and html files ourselves?) Thanks

I’ve the same problem. I’m running MacOs 10.10.5

In general the JS/html will compile when you press Run Online from within PsychoPy but potentially there was an error when that occurred and it wasn’t very visible:

  • If you’re using PsychoPy 3.x.x then it might well be sending an error message to the bottom of the Coder view (open coder then go back to Builder and try doing RunOnline)
  • If you’re using version 2020.1.x then the error messages should be going to the Runner view, which is probably more obvious (so probably not the version you have installed)

Basically, if something is preventing the html to be generated then the study won’t get to the server and then the page isn’t visible (403 error)

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After looking at the message in the runner window I found out that I somehow managed to add space :frowning: to the path to PsychoPy in my application folder. After removing the space from the path I’m able to create the necessary files for running the experiment online. But after that some other problems showed up, e.g. the mouse does not work online but is OK when run in Firefox directly on my Mac.