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What do you think of the new Discourse forum?

We’re pretty excited about the possibilities of the new forum.

Are these the categories you’re expecting to see? More? Fewer?

Any other suggestions?

Ideas for improvement:

  1. Add the Solve Button. Would we try to encourage using this? I find it very useful when I search for solutions on SO!
  2. Force a tag of the question without defaulting to “Uncategorized”.
  3. Put Builder and Coder at the top of the tag list (if possible).
  4. Don’t require trust to be able to delete your posts. I can’t remove mine right now.

Bookmarks! That feature alone has sold me on the forum rather than the mailing list. Will save me at least a lot of reinventing the wheel/googling for previous answers.

  1. This is done (the tick box on each post)
  2. This is done (new topic now opens with Select category…
  3. I dont think this is currently customisable but I suspect it will become a non-issue: the categories page for which we can now control the order was set to a default of ordering by most active and I imagine they’ve used the same logic for this selection box
  4. I think deleting a Topic (synonymous with the first post of that thread?) requires moderator privs (which you now have) for the reasons that Mike spells out below. I think users can delete their own replies and they can also flag a topic for deletion by a moderator

2-4: great!

  1. This is done (the tick box on each post)

I don’t see any tick boxes. Here’s your reply to my post:

That’s weird. This is what I see (and more coolness: I just pasted the image into the reply from the clipboard and somehow it did everything itself!

Maybe only the OP can accept as correct (I created this topic)

OK, I had to make a change - apparently I’d turned on the solve button for one category but not site-wide.

Now the OP of a Topic sees the solved button as seen above but staff (at least, not sure about others) can mark something as solved by clicking the … and then the tickbox appears.

That solved it! I just accepted a reply to my post. The “Solved” checkbox is quite subtle, so I suspect that it will mostly be up to us admins to do it. But that’s good enough.

Cool with the copy-paste screenshot.

Also cool: keyboard shortcuts! Try pressing ? and see the glory.

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And your solved tick appears in the summary page of topics too.

I never knew how much I’d love getting rid of googlegroups! :volcano:

OK, the only remaining question in my mind is whether/how badly we want the old posts from googlegroups. I’m having a go at doing that to see how hard it is, but possibly we don’t even want to:

  • it will create a huge number of topics in the uncategorised section because I won’t be able to install them to particular locations without going through manually (and there are 3700+ topics)
  • we can make this a fresh start

I didn’t follow your advice immediately (was i a rush when I saw it) but the shortcut keys are sweeeet! :thumbsup:

@jon, I updated the welcome message here on Discourse, so that it directly tells users how to ask good questions. It serves the same purpose as the old intro text in Google Groups. Your original text is now under the heading “Why we moved from Google Groups…”.

I made the first paragraph very short so that users can read it all without even opening the topic.

:writing_hand: Feel free to edit, revert, refine, etc. at will :pencil2:

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PsychoPy novice here. I really dig this forum and there’s a lot to like (esp. badges because, hey, little things! :grin:).

I did have two quick suggestions:

  1. Is it possible to allow us to message other users directly? I poked around and couldn’t find any way to do this. It’d be really great if we could follow up with a private message or request someone’s email (though, admittedly, the latter might not necessarily be such a good idea)
  2. It might be cool if there was a page with useful links, if there’s isn’t one already? Perhaps include a button in the top ribbon that leads to a page with links to things like the psychopy website, codeacademy, etc? People could contribute and a mod could approve each submission.

Thanks for setting all this up! Looking forward to using!


A “Message” button appears when clicking on someone’s avatar. I think a user needs to reach Trust Level 1 for that privilege, which it seems is relatively trivial to get to:

You can get to trust level 1 by

  • entering at least 5 topics
  • reading at least 30 posts
  • spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts
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I think think allowing private messaging is a setting that we have some control over. I do think we want to keep it to a minimum though. Breaks the point of a public forum if over used

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Thanks for this beautiful forum, much better than googlegroups, especially for countries with firewall of internet :sweat_smile: . I really like the design of Discourse. Actually i am not a real user of PsychoPy. The sort of old-fashion E-prime (and psychtoolbox based on the expensive MATLAB) has been dominant in psychology or other fields in China. But I am very interested in PsychoPy (or Opensesame :yum: ) which can definitely improve the transparency of behavioral sciences. I really hope the community of PsychoPy in China grow steadily :relieved:.



this is much better forum, cleaner and neater.
Is there anyway of getting the relevant archive across as searchable
for solutions before asking dumb questions (im looking in the mirror here)

a link to the docs would be nice in the banner - not sure if thats possible

here’s an favicon icon to distinguish between browser tabs when this is open as well as the docs :slight_smile:

Thanks Rob. I’ve adapted the idea a little: moved the Discourse icon a bit to the right and up (when viewed big enough it becomes like a speech bubble for the psychopy icon :slight_smile: ). Hopefully it’s enough that you can still distinguish in the browser tabs?

I’m using a higher resolution version as an app icon too (e.g. using fluid on mac)

For the header with links to other things (docs/downloads/github) I agree. The easy version is very easy but I was hoping to do it nicely with some matching styles etc with the docs pages (e.g. blue down some side bars)

OK, I’ve added links at the top. Will work out the styling another day.
Maybe I’ll go back and redo the icon halfway between our two :slight_smile:

Great with the links. Down the road it would look really professional if they were wider “buttons” with icons, e.g. a Manual-icon next to “References”.

I would rename them:

  1. :arrow_right: PsychoPy website
  2. Is “Reference Manual” a common enough term to signal to the newbie, that he/she should look there first, if in doubt about how to use a psychopy function? I can’t come up with something much better; perhaps “Coding documentation / API”.
  3. GitHub :arrow_right: Development (or “Development on GitHub”)

The arrows are just for you, @jon :wink:

For a nice example of some good integrated styling, using buttons instead if text links, see atom’s website and discussion board (which is clearly powered by discourse too):

But I’m too busy to work that out right now (possibly ever! :wink: ).

@lindeloev Not a fan of those alternatives:

  • “PsychoPy website” is too 1980s, like we just heard about the concept. I could go with “Documentation” if you don’t like and then we’d have one-word capitals everywhere
  • Reference is different from “Coding Documentation” and not where anyone should look first. It’s just for “Reference” purposes :stuck_out_tongue:
  • “Development on github” is too long. If people don’t know what github is then this link probably isn’t relevant to them
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