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Topics appearing to remain unread

Does anyone else see this? i.e. For me, a subset of topics on this forum remain apparently permanently unread, as indicated by a bold heading, even though I’ve read all the posts in them.

For example, in this category, the “Coding/lib category naming” topic stubbornly has a bold heading for me, even though the last activity there was 18 days ago.

I end up like a pigeon on an extinction schedule, keeping clicking on apparently unread topics that have already been dealt with before…

That specific topic shows as unread for me as well. But all others behave as expected. I can’t seem to “mark as read” though, without having to visit the topic.

My view shows that topic as read. The only thing that’s unusual about it is that it has a post by me, then hidden by Jonas (because of duplicated info with his post).

Maybe that’s the problem? It has a post you haven’t read yet, but you can’t read it because it’s hidden. :confused:

Maybe @discourse can help shed some light on it?

The “hidden” (deleted) post was actually “marked for deletion” by you 18 days ago. Today I undeleted it and delete it again, but it didn’t seem to work. The topic still shows as unread to me.

Ah. Hmm, so I think the black text looks like unread (but actually isn’t if you go to unread category). I think it’s black indicating that action needs taking, but I don’t know how to take that action! I’ve tried the normal deletion (from the settings of the Topic select the message and then “delete selected”) but the message didn’t disappear

There is currently an issue where if the last post is deleted or invisible, the topic link will look unread (the actual counts are of course correct). The workaround is to add another visible post to the topic.

Ah, so it is actually a bug. For now I found another workaround by closing the issue (in this case was no problem anyway). Thanks