Weird noise when launching audio experiment online

Hi guys,

I am currently trying to launch a dichotic listening paradigm online using PsychoPy 3 and Windows 10. This task includes, amongst others, the presentation of short audio files. When I am trying to launch the project, the first stimuli is presented regularly, but then afterwards a very weird continuous beep is being presented. This continues until I move to the next routine.

I am having difficulty identifying the source of this problem and also find it very difficult to further describe the issue. I hope you can help me nontheless.

Thanks so much in advance!!

Hi Katrin,

Could you provide a bit more detail on the setup? Are you using builder, and only sound components or also some additional code components?

About the beep: does it sound like the sounds aren’t stopped properly and ‘pile up’ or is the beeping sound something completely different?


Hi Sabinosaurus,

thanks so much for your quick response. In fact, I have found the error myself. I had a line in the loop-excel file where something was written in it but there was no sound file listed so the computer just started making a weird noise. Nonetheless, thanks for your effort!!