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Simple sound problem - beeps not speech

An experiment that ran this spring (Win XP, PsychoPy2 1.7 something) doesn’t work on Win 10 Psychopy2 1.9.03. I have sound files (sentences) in an Excel spreadsheet, looking like:

expt item cond target sentence
practice 1 1 d fill20.wav
practice 2 1 g fill21.wav
practice 3 1 b fill41.wav
practice 4 1 g fill42.wav

In a loop, it reads $‘target’ OK (and reads ‘$sentence’ as well - I can display the name of the sentence on the screen) but when I try to play the sentence file, I just hear a series of beeps. However, if I specify the first file in the Excel sheet as it as a constant in my psychopy script (fill20.wav), it plays fine. I’m puzzled. And I’m puzzled by the lines in the coder view in the 'initialize trial components section:

aud_sentence = sound.Sound('A', secs=-1)

and the ‘prepare to start trial’ section


Do these look right?

Thanks for any handholdling.

Strange. Could you upload a minimal working example of the broken experiment (i.e. strip it down to only what we need)?

@jon I pushed a fix for this recently on Github. It was a problem with how the sound component script was being compiled.

Ah @ccliftonma could you try installing the new version 3.0.0b7 and see if the problem goes away?

David - could you please point me at this fix? (I just signed up
for Github but haven’t yet learned how to navigate its waters.)

Your hunch was right - the problem is gone under 3.0.0b7. I’m still curious what went wrong - but I’m happy to move over to Psychopy 3 My thanks.

I was going to do this - I had a stub of an experiment to try out - but your suggestion to move to PsychoPy 3 worked, so there’s no real need. Again, thanks.

For completeness of the thread the fix was made as below but, yes, no need for an example since it’s known and fixed. thanks, Jon