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We could not find a record for experiment designer: undefined - For Every Experiment

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
I know a lot of people have encountered this problem before but I simply cannot find a solution that works for me, I initially uploaded a copy of a project that was already working online so I know it is not a problem with the code itself so I’m thinking it might have someting to do with the connection between psychopy and pavlovia. I did a very simple experiment that just displays a text message that disappears when you press any key (it’s the one in the link but it might not be visible since I’m piloting) so I know there is no issue with the code or anything but everything I upload just shows me the same error.

The project is being pushed to pavlovia:

Pushing files to Pavlovia
Pushing to Pavlovia for the first time…
Branch ‘master’ set up to track remote branch ‘master’ from ‘’.

And the files in the html folder seem ok, I have no clue what could be causing the problem.

I also found that it’s no generating an experiment URL

Same here.

Cannot pilot or run it.

I’ve got the same problem.

I also had the same issue when I created a copy of an already uploaded (and functional) experiment. I edited the duplicate and I still get the same error you have. Do you have a lot of visual stimuli?

Hello @caro and @agleontyev,

As you may have seen elsewhere on the forum, we experienced a temporary issue owing to the timing of a scheduled change to the back-end code which, as luck would have it, coincided with the exact moment when one of the back-end services restarted. We had not experienced that before. Now we know how to prevent that from happening again.
I resolved the issue yesterday. Simply change the status of your experiment to inactive and then back to piloting and running should do the trick.
Many apologies for the mishap!


Same problem. I have a series of videos and thought they may be too have, but I have another experiment in which I use videos too and it runs smoothly, so I have no idea what’s wrong here.
Link to study (only showing videos):