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Cant reach any experiment on pavlovia

Description of the problem: I am currently not able to upload, update or launch any experiment on Pavlovia. Because its including other public experiments, I think it must be a server problem or sth like this.

I am experiencing the same problem

Try URL as below

Mine was worked with this URL.

Thank you this works, but my project on Pavlovia is displayed as deleted too and I am not sure if the data was stored correct.

Sorry folks. We’ve been doing a lot of work on the server over the last few days and a couple of issues have crept in. We’re working to resolve them ASAP. Using… does appear to be working though

Good afternoon,

Those difficulties stem from unintended consequences of the major changes that we did this week-end to the Pavlovia server and back-end.
I have just fixed both the issue with going into a redirect loop, and with the dashboard not showing the latest version of a given experiment. All should be well :slight_smile:
My apologies for the interruption!
Best wishes,