Version 2023.2.3 cannot save data properly

My psychopy 2023.2.3 version run smooth, but it sometimes randomly crash and cannot save data properly.

This happens when my whole experiment ends and during the loading of data, the crash happens here . I load for a really long time and and return message like python no response, do you want to quit it?

And then the data cannot be saved.

It happens in all my different psychopy project randomly, sometimes they runs well and data are properly saved, but sometimes it just crash and cannot save the data. I could not find any pattern in this situation.

May I know what can I try to so to solve this problem? thank you

Are you saving data every frame? I suspect that this is an overload of some kind.

I think so, I didn’t change anything about the saving data system.
But my PsychoPY task is only around 5 mins, will overload happens in short tasks like this?

And may I know how should I cut down the data being stored, is there any button or should I write a code for it?

Thank you so much

I meant “have you written any code which vastly increased the amount of data being saved”?

I assume you meant crashing during the data saving process at the end. Do you have an option to change the logging level in Experiment Settings / Data ? I tend to change it to “error” but I’m not sure which version added that option.

I see, I did not add code to change the excel data file.
Would other reasons caused this crash?

Thank you!!