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No Data Recorded?

If this template helps then use it. If not then just delete and start from scratch.

PsychoPy version 3.0.7
Standard Standalone? YES

For some reasons, my data didn’t save even without any notification of being crashed. I could not see any files saved except for the Text Document file. Is there any way to retrieve the data? This is the first time it happened; I have been running the experiment for around 2 weeks, but nothing like this happened before.

There isn’t enough information here for us to know what’s gone wrong. Usually when data aren’t saved it’s because the user presses the stop button (red cross) or, in some past versions, because they didn’t have any loops in the study.
Maybe look carefully about what has changed in your study recently

I did not modify the experiment at all, so I am not sure what happened. The experiment ended normally, but when I check, data was not saved at all~

I’ve got the same problem since yesterday, using Windows 10, Builder view. The experiment worked for several days, but now it suddenly breaks up after some seconds / trials every time I try to run it.

In my experiment there is one loop. It is supposed to show one picture after another, reading from an excel file (it’s a naming test, consisting of 170 pictures). There is a microphone component which worked fine so far and I still get the recordings.

As far as I know, I didn’t change anything except for creating more and more PsychoPy experiments (therapyprograms) in a different folder. I Didn’t change anything about the folder in which my naming test is. Unfortunately, I don’t get any error message. The log-file is empty while the csv and the psydat file are missing. After about the eighth picture, the experiment suddenly stops. Sometimes it’s after the tenth, eleventh or fifteenth picture, so it’s not depending on the pictures.

I uninstalled and reinstalled three different versions of PsychoPy (3.0.6, 32bit; 3.1.2, 64bit,…) and also created the experiment another time, but the problem remains.
I think I can’t give any more information because there’s no error message.

I would appreciate any answers / ideas for solutions.

Thank you so much in advance!