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Using Specbos 1211 with Psychopy

A student wishes to do a gamma correction with our spectrometer, which is a Specbos 1211. I wanted to find out if anyone had used the two together before? Am i correct in assuming that the monitor center can only support those spectrometers that are in the drop down menu? And if so, is there any problems that i would encounter if i try to use the code for running the gamma correction rather than the monitor center?

Thanks for any information.

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I’ve never heard of Specbos - thanks they look like an interesting addition to the market (by which I mostly mean “not as expensive as PhotoResearch”!). From what I can see it can communicate via an RS232 protocol so you might be able to create a new class of photometer based on the code for the PR655 and make your own!

Alternatively, if you just need gamma correction (rather than full chromatic calibration) then you can use the “semi-auto” mode whereby PsychoPy presents the stimulus but you then push the button to measure the luminance manually and you write down the value recorded.

I’ll write to JETI and see if they fancy sending me a device to work on the code myself (if you don’t get there first).

We use the JETI hardware on an OEM basis. The specbos 1211 is similar to our SpectroCAL MKII system. So great performance for a Photo Research busting price :grin: Happy to share our MATLAB interface to the device. Just let me know Jon.

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