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Color calibration monitor center

I have to Color calibrate my monitor. I did the gamma correction, but now I need to do the color calibration. There’s no semi automatic option for color calibration. There’s only the option of using a PR 650 which cost over $7000.
There are other devices that cost under $200 (e.g. Datacolor Spyder5 Express USB Colorimeter). I would be happy to use one of these other devices if somebody could walk me through the process. I know there’s a conversion (sorry I forgot DKR to RGB?) But I don’t know things like how many wavelength are necessary.) I’d be happy to spend $200, but I can’t spend $7000. Besides The PR 650 is not made any longer. There’s a PR 655. Someone someone must’ve used one of these less expensive Color Spectralradiometers to calibrate their monitor. If anyone has one of these less expensive devices, and a bit of code I would need, I will save about $7000. Thank you.