Just Added Support for Minolta CS-100A Photometer/ColorMeter

Very new to PsychoPy. While futzing around with Monitor Center to calibrate my display, I modified psychopy.hardware.minolta.py so that it is now is capable of reading the Minolta CS-100A photometer over a serial interface port (Windows COM9 in my case). In addition to supporting the minolta.getLum() method needed by the Gamma Calibration components in the Monitor Center, I have also added a new method that can measure the chromaticity as well

[photmeterStatusCode, luminance, x, y] = minolta.get_xyY()

I can share this modified ‘minolta.py’ code with anyone who is interested.
Is there a central location at PsychoPy where I can submit this modified code for possible inclusion in future releases?


Ideally you would submit a pull request to the github repository. There are full instructions on how to use the repo for PsychoPy dev but the summary is as below. If you don’t know much about git/github and don’t want to learn then you can simply email me your updated files and I’ll look over the changes that way. Using the repo is nice for tracking PsychoPy contributors so that people get credit.

best wishes

Getting started:

  • fork the psychopy github project to your own github account
  • git clone that to your desktop (and add the main repo as something like ‘upstream’)

From then on, when you start work on the something you would:

  • checkout either the dev or release branch, depending if you’re adding a feature (dev) or fixing a small bug (release)
  • update the local copy of that branch from upstream to bring in everyone else’s changes since you last worked on it
  • <-make your changes->
  • commit your changes and push them to your github fork
  • submit a pull request from there to the main repo

Very interested in trying this with our Minolta CS-100A.
Would you be willing to share the code you wrote?

The code involves TWO patched copies of python scripts that are part of the standard PsychoPy distribution. In order to try testing your CS-100A you would need to rename the PsychoPy modules and then copy the patched scripts to the appropriate directories. If things do not work out, you can delete the patched copies and revert back to the original scripts. Of course, you will also need the appropriate serial communications cable for the CS100A and an RS232 port on your computer. If you are still interested, send me an email at frank.schieber@usd.edu and I will send a zip archive with the scripts and some brief instructions.
Frank S.

Frank, by the way, if you’d like your code added to the main releases and don’t have time to put it in yourself then feel free to email it to me and I’ll get it included for our summer release. Getting you to submit your own “Pull Request” is really just so that contributors get recognised for their contributions

best wishes