Monitor Calibration - Gamma correction

I am using PsychoPy v2020.2.10 on a Dell Laptop with a 1920 x 1080 setting for the laptop screen. To calibrate the monitor, I used the Gamma Calibration in the Monitor Center together with a Minolta CS-100 photometer to manually measure the luminance of the test patches using the “semi” mode, with 8 calibration points. These luminance measurements were then used to estimate the gamma calibration parameter using a non-linear curve fitting algorithm.

Next, I entered the gamma calibration parameters into the linearization table as shown in the screenshot below.

The full set of values are shown below.

This new setting was saved.
This monitor setting was then added to the Experiment Settings → Screen → Monitor of my experiment.

My question is : How can I check that the new settings are being implemented in my experiment?

When I re-run the gamma calibration with the new calibration parameters and use my photometer to measure the luminance of the patches, there does not seem to be a significant difference in the luminance values for the patches.

Would appreciate any help regarding the gamma correction procedure, specifically how to check if it is being correctly implemented.