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Rating two scales simultaneously

Hi everyone,

I’m developing an experiment where in each trial participants need to complete two rating scales. I want to design a scale like the one shown in the photo below, where I can click anywhere inside the square and then get two rating responses simultaneously. I am wondering whether and how this design can be implemented through Psychopy. Many thanks for your help in advance!

Yep, if I understand correctly your question this is doable.
Attached an example.

  • In Experiment Settings → Screen I canged the Units from height to pix.
  • I added a warning message that will appear if participants click outside of the square
  • I leave it to you to modify the text I added and add text around the square.
  • there are 4 trials

The output will give you the coordinates of the mouse when clicked. You can convert these to a more meaninful measurement post-data collection or live when ruinning the exp if you know how to do it.ratingScale.psyexp (14.7 KB)

Hi Yiannis,

Sorry for replying late, and many thanks for sending me the example! I tried it and It works well for me when i made moderate reponses (i.e. around the center area); however, when i attempted to make a more extreme one (clicking the near the edge area), the rating cannot be completed and the trial cannot move to the next one. Would this also happen to you?

Yes, it works for all 4 edges plus whatever is inside. Did you follow bullet point 1 in my reply?

Yes, i did changed the units from height to pix, but the square rating scale cannot work properly in my side. It’s quite weird as if we set the sq_frame as the clickable stimuli, then clicking anywhere inside should work (as how it works on your side)… I’ll try with another device and see how it goes…