Urgent Self Paced Reading Task

Hi everybody, I’m writing an MA thesis in Psycholinguistics and I need to work with PsychoPy to employ a self-paced reading task. However, the data consists of 64 sentences in total. Do I need to add them all on an Excel sheet, or do you have any other recommendations? I have read every topic but I’m not competent in codes, unfortunately :frowning: Also, after each sentence, I need to add a comprehension question with two options. Participants are expected to opt for one option after reading the sentence. How can I do that on PsychoPy? If you could help me with that it would mean a lot, thanks :slight_smile:

You could start by looking at my self paced reading demo in the online demos thread (see the blog category). I would recommend having the sentence, comprehension question and responses in an Excel sheet.

Thanks so much :slight_smile: I looked at it. Here especially: Self-paced reading task// A bug in the flow

But I just can’t understand how I will get the sentences and comprehension questions together in one excel sheet. I mean, if I write each question after each sentence in the sheet, will it be okay? Or do they (sentences&questions) need to be in two different excel sheets? I’m so sorry, I’m just very very new to PsychoPy and I have nobody to help me so I’m trying to learn and do it by myself, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi there?

Here is the spreadsheet from https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/vespr/self-paced-reading

Demo3_2.xlsx (12.6 KB)

For a multiple choice comprehension question you could either add two columns (correct option and incorrect option) and randomise their position on screen or add three columns (optionA, optionB and corrAns). Alternatively, the options could be added into the same text field as the question, in which case you only need to add corrAns.

Thank you. So these sentences and questions and options are gonna be in the same Excel sheet, right?

And in some part of my study, there are some sentences with contexts. So, contexts basically come before the sentences. These contexts would also have to be in the same Excel sheet, right? Thanks again, sorry I’m asking a lot :confused:

If the context is specific to the sentence then it should also be in the same sheet. Multiple routines can have variables set from the same spreadsheet so long as they are within the same loop in Builder.

Yes, the contexts are specific to the each sentence. Ok, then there are going to be 3 columns: sentences, questions (options are included here) and corrAns. Where should I locate the contexts in the sheet? Because some sentences have contexts and others don’t. Thanks a lot again :slight_smile:

You could put a dot in the context column for the sentences that don’t have contexts.

However, from a research design perspective, if presence of context is a variable of interest, then I would have a context for all sentences and then only display the context for half (either a random half or, for example you could divide the sentences into two sets with a new column and then have some participants see the context for set 1 and some for set 2 – this randomisation would require a small amount of code).

Yes, presence of context is a variable since I’m gonna examine if certain structure is at play when context is presented. However, there are 64 sentences in total, one half consists of target sentences and the other half filler sentences. Out of these 32 target sentences, 8 sentences have contexts before them.

If you need to present the context routine only for sentences with a context then you could use the following in Begin Routine of the context routine:

if len(context) == 1:
     continueRoutine = False

Make sure that your context routine and your context column in the spreadsheet aren’t named the same.

The code could be adapted depending on what you have for blank contexts, e.g. if you have ‘x’.

if context == 'x':
     continueRoutine = False

Selfpacedreading Yasemin.xlsx (9.0 KB)

Data is in Turkish. Are the column titles suitable for what you’ve just said? Thank you.

Two issues:

  1. Your column titles can’t include spaces.

  2. Your corrAns column should just be the key that you expect the participant to press, e.g. a.

Just corrected them :+1: Thanks again. So I guess now I should copy all the data items on the Excel sheet. And then I should upload the sheet to PsychoPy and run the Builder to make the sentence column displayed in a cumulative manner apart from the other columns.

I mean, the sentences in the sentence column. :slight_smile:

Correct, starting with my Self Paced Reading PsychoPy code.

Thank you dear wakecarter. By the way, I want to make CorrAns column invisible to the participants. How can I do it? Do I need to add a code or do something else?

By invisible do you mean not on screen (just don’t put it in a text component) or not visible in the Browser developer console (add log4javascript.setEnabled(false); to Begin Experiment)?

Not on screen. Participants must be unable to see the correct answer, so they must select the option they believe is correct.

> (just don’t put it in a text component) ?