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Uploading experiments to Prolific/Amazon MTurk

I’m looking to upload my PsychoPy experiment to Pavlovia and then host it on Prolific or Amazon MTurk.

I was wondering if people have experience with uploading multiple tasks on these platforms e.g. 3 seperate Pavlovia tasks to be completed in one Prolific/MTurk session plus a link to a questionnaire, or if these all need to be built within one PsychoPy project?

Also, do people have a preference of Prolific or MTurk? I see that PsychoPy recommends Prolific for scientific rigour.


Do you have a Pavlovia licence? If not then each task will cost a credit.

As far as Prolific/MTurk is concerned then it shouldn’t matter, but if you daisy chain then you are more likely to get data (at least from the earlier elements).

@thomas_pronk and I both have demos and information about daisy chaining here:

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I will need to check with my university regarding a license but I believe we do.

Okay thanks for the daisy chain info. I was just concerned that going between Pavlovia and Prolific multiple times might confuse the participant IDs and make it hard to keep all the data under one ID, do you know about this?

If you are crediting the participants for each element then you should just set them up separately.

If you are crediting for the full chain then they should start in Prolific and then go through multiple chained Pavlovia experiments and finally return to Prolific for the credit.

You could use my Study Portal for the PI sheet and debrief if that helps.

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I see! It will be credit for the whole chain. Glad to know that’s possible, I’ll look into that thanks.