Pavlovia, and psychojs, and gitlab, and mturk oh my!

Hello all,

I have an experiment that originally I wrote in PyschoPy2 that I would like to post on Mturk. It seems the more I look into doing this the more complicated it gets. Originally I thought it would be as easy as converting to PyschoPy3 and posting to Pavlovia, but it seems it is not this simple. Currently the instructions I have gathered over multiple pages of PsychoPy Discourse and the main page - it looks like I have to convert the code to pscyhoJS in Gitlab then somehow post the Gitlab code into PAvlovia, and then post the Pavlovia link into Amazon Mturk.

If someone could give me some direction in what I really need to do to get my code up and running on Mturk I would greatly greatly appreciate it. It may also help future PyschoPy users as well!

PS - part of my code includes writing the data into a csv file as the experiment progresses. Where will this data live? Pavlovia? Gitlab? Mturk?