Unspecified JavaScript error: works in some computers but not others

@sotiri I manually added all the variables to my script and it seems to be working :slight_smile: there must be an issue with my Psychopy not syncing to Gitlab properly, thank you for your help.

@bloxham99 OK thanks, sounds good, please note in online settings you have the option to rebuild HTML manually rather than “on Sync / Save” to prevent from accidentally overwritting your main script, x

@sotiri I see! that may be where some of the syncing issues are coming from. Thank you again so much for your help :slight_smile:

I am seeing a similar problem and have posted a new thread. Experiment does not run on my iPad but does on another
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there!
I’ve been struggling for several months now with this very same problem with my online experiment (Sign in · GitLab). Some computers run the experiment while others don’t.
I would be very grateful if someone could be give me a hand. I have already lost so many data.
Thanks by advance!