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3rd Jan - Pavlovia closed for maintenance

Hi there,

Hope you’re having a happy holiday period and taking some good time to relax.

Just letting you know that Pavlovia will be closed for maintenance for the day on Sunday 3rd Jan. You should not direct participants to the site on that day, nor try to change your studies. We will keep the maintenance as brief as we can and I’ll post an update here when the site is live again.

Have a lovely break, or as good a break as you can, given the current pandemic issues! Hopefully you’ll be able recharge your batteries and come back in the New Year ready to create all manner of new and exciting studies!

best wishes to you all


We are making good progress on the server maintenance. Most of the work is done and we’re busy testing. Please continue not to collect any data just yet.

We’ll let you know when our tests are complete and the site is ready for use


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OK, it looks like we’re done.

For info, the entire site and all data have migrated to a new server (in France) and we think everything is working again as before.

Do use extreme caution :warning: and test that your studies still work before committing hundreds of participants!

Happy new year!



I would like to know is the site live again this morning?

Thank you,


‫בתאריך יום ה׳, 24 בדצמ׳ 2020 ב-14:08 מאת ‪Jon Peirce via PsychoPy‬‏ <‪‬‏>:‬

Yes, the site has been live since again since mid-afternoon yesterday