Unknown resource problem: default.png

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: This seems to be a problem that is recurring. I have not however been able to use the work arounds from the past posted solutions: 1) add a default.png image to the experiment and 2) change to version 2022.2.5. Does anybody know a concrete solution to this problem?

It appears this problem has not been solved. I attempted the proposed fixes above without success. Despite changing to 2022.2.5 in properties in builder, when put online it says its version 2023.2.3. Meanwhile, when I added a default.png the problem persisted. Are there any concrete solutions?

Does your experiment name in Experiment Settings match the psyexp file name?

Yes, both have the same name

But, I just went to gitlab and saw that all the old versions are saved there. Might there be a conflict there?

Does your Gitlab contain more than one psyexp file?

Yes it does

While locally you can run multiple experiments from the same folder, online you need to have a separate folder for each one.

I’ve tried many times to delete the project and have from the pavlovia side. But everytime I upload a new version, even with a different name, the old versions come back too. How do I get rid of the old versions?

To create a new project delete the local hidden .git files and folder.

Alternatively, copy your files (psyexp and resources) to a newly created folder and sync from there.