Default.png image needed when running PsychoPy experiment on Pavlovia

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: When moving my experiment from the Psychopy builder to Pavlovia, it starts to request the image default.png. I have read that this used to be a bug, and this problem did not exist prior to the last days’ maintenance. However, when piloting my experiment on Pavlovia, I now get the following error:


The task runs fine locally. From the error I understand that Pavlovia asks for default.png, which it cannot find. This is unsurprising, as it is not in my folder. How can I make sure that it does not ask for default.png anymore?

What version of PsychoPy are you using? I think this has now been fixed but it also has a simple workaround. Save an image file called default.png in your experiment folder.

Thank you for the fast reply! I used v2023.2.2 to program, but I have reinstalled to v2023.2.3 to see if the software version caused the problem and that didn’t solve the problem. I have tried the suggested workaround, but I get the same error again, even after deleting the experiment from Pavlovia and re-uploading under a different name. The image default.png is there (I checked via the View Code button). Before Thursday I did not have this problem with the same experiment. I had to slightly alter the content of a text stimulus today, do you think that could have introduced the problem?

If anyone happens to have the same problem in the future: I ended up rebuilding the experiment and uploading under a different name. The thing I did differently this time, was to make sure that under experiment settings > Online, the output path was empty (instead of html). I believe the error was due to the html folder that was created when moving the experiment online.

The default.png file is now still in my root directory, although I think I do not need it anymore (but why mess with a working experiment…)

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You no longer have to delete your project to remove the html folder.