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Unknown resource image

URL of experiment: []

Description of the problem:

I encountered the ‘unknown resource error’.
I defined the Image of show11a(ImageStim) as $img11a.
And according to the conditions(JustCond.xlsx), $img11a was defined as faker( faker = “G:/내 드라이브/G2020/Experiment/EXP1/2021exp/123.png”).
The crib sheet suggests Use experiment settings (cog image ) > online > +/- keys to add the list of resources your experiment will need (2020.2.6 onwards)..
So i did it, but the error has remained.
Plz help me…!!!

Try subtracting and adding the resources again. Make sure you are taking the resources from within the experiment folder or subfolders. It won’t work if you have a drive letter (G) in your path.

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I just removed the path of image, so it is working!!!