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Unknown resource error for sound files

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
I’m doing an experiment where participants have to listen to music and I keep getting this error.
I tried changing the path in the excel file(Acquisition2_sound_files) to resampled_files/Bartok1.wav but it’s still looking for local path. Please help!

It might be that you are still looking at a cached version of your experiment.

Use Developer Tools (Ctl-Shift-I in Windows/Chrome, Cmd-Opt-J in Mac/Chrome, F12 in IE/Edge, Ctrl-Shift-J in Windows/Safari, Ctrl-Opt-J in Mac/Safari) to view errors via the browser console if you aren’t getting sufficient information from PsychoPy. You can add print(var) (which translates to console.log(var); ) to check the value of a variable var at a particular point.

If Pavlovia refuses to run the latest upload of your experiment, disable the cache via Network conditions in the browser console.

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Hi Wakefield, thank you for your answer. I tried updating the cache (and then clearing it too) and now it’s showing the same error with the correct path (Resampled_files\Ligeti21.wav).I see the initial box downloading materials, but it’s giving me the same error. I went through the crib sheet and tried using the developer tools, but I wasn’t to find/solve the problem. Do you have any other ideas of things I can try?

Try using / instead of \ in your paths

It worked!! Thank you so much!

Ok, I have a follow up question: I’m working on an alternative version of this experiment that uses custom code and I’m having the same error. I just added in a snippet of code that downloads the sound files at the beginning of the experiment. I tried changing the orientation of the slashes but it is still not finding the files. Here is the error and the snap shots of my code:
Beginning of experiment:

This is in a code routine before a loop containing the routines actually playing the sound files:

Any ideas about what might be causing this error?
Here is the URL: Sign in · GitLab

Once you download the resources you don’t use the path to address them.

Cool. I think that fixed something. Now I’m getting another error:
Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

  • When finding a player for the sound
  • Could not find an appropriate player.

Along with a very red console

Any ideas on how to solve this?

I’m not sure but I notice that you are running psychoJS.downloadResources([{name: (sound_file),path:("…/Resampled_files/"+sound_file)} ]);

15 times. I found that it didn’t work when I ran it twice, so my working code for this is

if ((expInfo["condition"] === "1")) {
{ name: (expInfo["participant"] + "s.jpg"), path: ("../faces/" + expInfo["participant"] + "s.jpg") },
{ name: (expInfo["participant"] + ".jpg"), path: ("../faces/" + expInfo["participant"] + ".jpg") }
else {
{ name: "01F_HA_O.jpg", path: "../Nim-Face-Stimuli/01F_HA_O.jpg" },
{ name: "01F_NE_C.jpg", path: "../Nim-Face-Stimuli/01F_NE_C.jpg" }

If you create an array, e.g. musicTracks=[]; and then push {name: (sound_file),path:("…/Resampled_files/"+sound_file)} to it 15 times then you could load all of the resources using a single downloadResources command.

The console should tell you if the resources download in the background correctly, I think in the verbose section

Amazing!!! It worked. Thank you so much for all your help! :grinning:

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