Unable to run experiment on Pavlovia, Is Pavlovia down?

I’ve been encountering this error as of this morning when trying to log into my lab’s account. The occurs when I try to log into my personal account. Is this happening for anyone else?

One of the participants even noted that they got stuck near the end when trying to exit the experiment.

I’m having the same problem:

A participant was running the experiment and it suddenly stopped.

i just logged in on my account, seems the issue has passed (hopefully)

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Good morning,

I believe we experienced a temporary slow down of the GitLab server, owing to a sudden peak of activity. As far as I can tell from the logs, the pavlovia backend was not, or only minimally, affected and indeed experiments kept running without issues throughout the day, with results being saved continuously to the server. I am investigating the matter in detail as we speak.
With my apologies for the mishap!


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