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Pavlovia times out, fails to fetch experiments, data seems unstable at the moment. Every page takes a while to load. Sometimes I can get to my experiments tab, but other times the website gateway times out. If I am allowed to get to my experiment page, the website has not be able to download the results before it times out.

Are others having these troubles?
Any idea what could be wrong or when it might be fixed? [Of course, our university has a major deadline for completing experiments by today]

Good morning,

I believe we experienced a temporary slow down of the GitLab server, owing to a sudden peak of activity. As far as I can tell from the logs, the pavlovia backend was not, or only minimally, affected and indeed experiments kept running without issues throughout the day, with results being saved continuously to the server. I am investigating the matter in detail as we speak.
With my apologies for the mishap!