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Unable to register to pavlovia

Hello, i have recently tried to register to pavlovia, so i could run online experiments. I was unable to do so, as i did not recive my confirmation e-mail. I checked my spam folders and requested for a new e-mail multiple times; i tried to register with 3 different e-mails and no luck. It’s been around 4 days since my first attempt. Any ideas?


have you already tried to log into your account even if you haven’t received the confirmation email? You don’t need to wait for it - see the documentation on how to sign up to Pavlovia here :slight_smile:


this is what appears when i try to log in.

I apologize, I just tried to make a new account and I was redirected on the GitLab “Almost There…” page. I didn’t go through that passage the first time I made my account a couple of months ago :astonished:
However, I received the confirmation email and I was able to log into my new account.

It’s strange that you haven’t received any confirmation email yet… Maybe @jon or @apitiot can help you?

ok, thank you for taking the time.
might it be something similar to this?

Yes, that could be the reason why you haven’t received the email. Actually, last Friday a colleague reported the same problem: she signed up on Pavlovia but she didn’t receive any confirmation email. I will ask her if she has some news about that… Meanwhile, let’s wait for Jon or Alain to help you :grinning:

Hello @janja_horvat and @martina.p,

We activated the email confirmation for sign-up but it appears it is not working for everyone. I have not encountered any issue myself but, all the same, I have temporarily removed the constraint.
If you’d like to try again, you should be able to go through this time. I’ll try and figure out what is going on in the mean time.


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Hello @apitiot,

thank you so much! i successefully signed in. Best of luck with fixing the issue further.

Thank you so much @apitiot!