Unable to randomize list order

OS Win10
PsychoPy version PsychoPy 2022.2.1
Standard Standalone? (y/n) y

I’m trying to create aclassic DRM procedure with word lists presented in two different languages. There are 16 lists total, 8 in each language. Each lists consists of 15 words subjects have to remember. I followed this tutorial when creating the procedure: Psychopy Tutorial: DRM Memory Test (For Beginners) - YouTube

Currently, all lists are presented in the order in which I added them to the procedue. I tried randomizing them by adding a new loop which included all of the lists and setting the loopType to random and nReps to 1, but that didn’t changed anything.

What else could I try to randomize the lists?

Do you have each list as a separate trial with a loop around it? I think your solution is concentric loops, with the outer loop selecting the spreadsheet for the inner one.

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, each list is a seperate trial. Adding the outer loop around all of the trials doesn’t seem to have any effect. Is that what You meant by concentric loops? Should I have the spreadsheet in each internal loop, or only in the external loop?


I run a DRM-experiment with the following flow:


InstLernen = instruction learning
Lernen = learn trial (one list)
InstAbruf = instruction recall
Abruf = recall trial

The LernTrial loop is as follows

I do not randomize the learn and recall trials because I want to have a specific order, see an example Excel-file:

The LernenAbrufen loop looks as follows:


This could be randomized! The Excel-file looks as follows:

Hope this helps. Best wishes Jens

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Thank you so much! I followed your instructions and now everything works just as I wanted.