Randomizing the wordlists


I’m a beginner at Psychopy and I’m trying to build a DRM experiment. I have 10 wordlists each containing 10 words in it. My intention is to present the words sequentially but to randomize the wordlists in order to counterbalance. Basically, I want each participant to see the word lists in different order but I don’t want the sequence of the words within each list to change.

In my experiments I have 10 different lure words and 10 words that are highly associated words for each of the lure words. My question is how can I randomize word lists? I’m not good at coding so, I would appreciate an easy explanation.

If you have an outer loop pointing to a spreadsheet with one column called useRows containing values 0:10, 10:20, 20:30, etc and then have an inner loop set to sequential pointing at your word list with useRows as the selected rows then you should get the behaviour you’re looking for.