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Randomizing the order of four lists of words and the order of the words

Hello! I want to create an experiment in which there are four different lists. I am trying to make it so that the order of the lists is presented randomly to each participant (as well as the order of the items within each list). I read some advice on how to do that in a thread and it worked!

However, one of three conditions would be chosen for each participant at the beginning of the experiment. In one condition there is an additional task after every routine (there is a “rest” period after each list). In another condition, there is a rest period only after the final list is presented. In the last condition, there are no additional tasks. I attempted to add a routine after each inner loop, randomly choosing a condition with code and adding “condition” as the nReps variable of the “Rest loop”, but that wouldn’t work for the second condition.

Any advice?

Are these lists defined in your conditions file as a set of words separated by commas? If so then they’ll be read in as a Python list and can be shuffled like this:

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