How to randomize one condition leaving the other sequential

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OS (e.g. Mac OS Catalina):
Standard Standalone? Y

What are you trying to achieve?: I am trying to built the Deese-Roedinger-McDermott task. My participants will be asked to study several list of words and then will perform a recognition task.

Currently, I have one routine (the encoding task) with all the words that have to be studied. I need to randomize the order if the study lists (16 lists of words) without changing the order of the words within each list (it is fixed).

Basically, I need to randomize the order of the lists but not of the stimuli within each list. Is there a way to do that?



I would use two nested loops with the outer one randomised with the Excel file contains a list of slices or filenames. The inner loop would not be randomised with a variable either for use rows or file name.

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