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Unable to pilot experiment in Pavlovia

URL of experiment:

I am attempting to upload an experiment to Pavlovia. My experiment has components of code in the builder that allows certain types of feedback to be provided based on participant responses. I have spent time working with the code in builder to translate correctly into JS (specifically the feedback variable strings).

When I export to HTML, PsychoPy is staying “stuck” in “generating JS script.” I think it may be the videos I am trying to upload, as my resource folder stays empty. I then manually push the files into GitLab.

It appears as though everything is in GitLab after pushing the files manually, but when I try to pilot my experiment, I get the following error:

We could not find a record for experiment designer: undefined
Please check the name and try again. If the error persists, contact Pavlovia’s administrator.

I am thinking there is a problem with JS as I have gotten an error in the past. However, since it is currently getting “stuck” when exporting, I don’t know where that error is.

Any help you could provide would be appreciated!