Unable to define stimuli position from conditions file when run online

URL of experiment: DecsionExp [PsychoPy] (Press ‘f’/‘j’ to response)

Description of the problem:
Hi, my stimuli positions are kept staying in the same (center) position when I run the exp online. It works fine when running it locally. I used the text component as my stimuli and set the position as something like [0.5, helpful_position]/ [-0.5, harmful_position]. The helpful_postion and harmful_position are indicated in the conditions file. But pavlovia is unable to define stimuli position even it’s indicated in the file.
In order to define the helpful_position and harmful_position, I put code: helpful_position = 0
harmful_position = 0 to the begin experiment in my code component. I assume something’s wrong when compiling the code from python to js, but I have no idea how to fix it. Can anyone help me? Thank you!

If you have columns called helpful_position and harmful_position which contain numbers in your spreadsheet then don’t also assign them values in code.

Is your text component’s position set every repeat?

What units are you using?